You have an Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing, right? So do I!

Do you know whenever one of your users posts a rating or review? Neither do I!

Why? Let's see:

Oh, and in case you're wondering who "I" am, hi 👋

I was frustrated with not knowing when my Alexa Skills got new reviews. So I built this solution for you and I to use.

Featured placement alerts?
Coming soon!

I was once told one of my skills was featured in the "Latest Skills" section of the Skills store.

When I visited the page, it had gone. I was too late and missed the chance to take a screen-shot, Tweet it and show how awesome I am ;)

How many times have your Skills featured without you knowing?

Top Voice Apps has you covered.

Instead of doing manual checks, focus on improving your Alexa Skills & Flash Briefings and let Top Voice Apps do the hard work.

Top Voice Apps takes care of:

It's free to use.

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